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Online, there are a million articles discussing what would be the most significant marketing trend in 2022. You're undoubtedly tired of hearing about voice search, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, not to mention video marketing.

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While each of these inbound marketing trends is important and something that all marketers should consider, sometimes a list of the "top 5 marketing trends" doesn't really get to the heart of the matter. The bigger question is, "Does content marketing still matter with all the current marketing methods?"

Sure, we'll discuss some of those popular marketing trends. Instead of repeating information you already know, let's concentrate on why content marketing is still important in 2022.

You Can't Get Around It:

It's true! Content marketing cannot be hacked. Content creation is not one of the many marketing strategies you can set and forget. You could certainly use a robot instead of a seo consultant for your blog posts, but you'd still need to edit them. You could also use an auto-generator to create videos, but someone would still need to start the auto-generator and supply it with content. And let's face it, if your material is poor, nobody will bother to even look at it.

Why does it matter that material is not hackable?

Buyers are aware that you cannot hack it. People search for something authentic after being assaulted with pop-up advertisements, sponsored search ads, commercials in their YouTube videos, social media feeds, movies, and everywhere! They have ad blockers, so content marketing is still necessary even if your advertisements are really effective.

The typical consumer is sick of worthless marketing campaigns that don't truly provide them with anything of value. The majority of consumers believe and give content marketing greater credibility than most other marketing strategies because they understand that it is impossible to fake it — no matter what you do, someone has to write, produce, or publish it.

Nowadays, the typical consumer only believes what they can independently study and validate online. They won't be readily sold to, easily duped, or easily persuaded. That is why content marketing, a marketing strategy that cannot be hacked, is so important today.

Content Marketing Follows Customer Trends:

We now know that content marketing cannot be hacked. Because the modern customer wants quality content, you must make an effort to create and promote it.

They know how challenging it is to produce content, and they value businesses that take the time to give them the in-depth information they require. So why will content marketing be important in 2022? Customers anticipate it.

Consider a brand-awareness advertising campaign you ran. When customers look at your advertisement, they may think, "Hey, that's what I was looking for!"

They won't click on your advertisement and buy something. Wait a minute! They will look up your brand name on Google, check your website, and then leave. Furthermore, their initial search results could make or break your potential to turn that visitor into a lead and ultimately a sale.

You can say goodbye to whatever dreams you had of making a sale if the visitor scrolls through your website only to be greeted by 50 pop-up ads, a chatbot that yells "BUY NOW," and a form that requests their credit card information. People don't want that classic, hard-sell marketing strategy.

That visitor wants to find out more about you and your offering. Whether it's what to get Mom for her birthday or how many industrial screws to order for their product assembly, they want to know what you have to offer them in their quest for the ideal answer to their pain point. This implies contentment.

Since content marketing is what users want and expect from the internet, it will still be important in 2022. No matter what they buy, they will do their homework, learn everything they can about it, and then decide based on the content they found most beneficial during that research period.

Content Lasts a Lifetime:

Your target audience wants material and trusts it because it cannot be hacked. That's great for them, but what does it mean for you? Producing content is challenging. Your staff must invest time and effort in it. Why should you worry about content outside satisfying your customers' needs? It lasts eons! Diamonds beware—there's a new player in town.

In all seriousness, though, the great thing about content is that, even if it can be difficult and time-consuming to create, it will always work for you once it is out there. A piece of content that you publish online remains there indefinitely. It will help you rank for relevant keywords, just like when you Google seo agency near me and it finds all the providers in your proximity. The content continues to produce leads and address your ideal customers' most often asked questions about you, your goods, or your sector.

The best advantage in the quick-changing world of social media is staying power. That is a major factor in why content is such a powerful tool for any business in any sector.

Google Is Still Concerned About Content:

We're now pulling out all the stops. There isn't a business in the world that doesn't want to appear on Google's first page for ideal keywords. The best, most efficient method to get there is still through content.

Google's top goal is always the highest-quality, most pertinent material to address users' queries. And the content will continue to be your best option for visibility as long as people use Google. There isn't much more to say about this one because it speaks for itself. Basically, you need a strong content marketing plan if you want to get found and be found first. Google, thanks for the mic drop!

Content marketing is not just something that customers and search engines demand. It is also one of the most practical and cost-efficient lead-generating strategies available to businesses today. How to put it? Content marketing is effective now and in the future too.

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